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Accustasis 1000, AS 1000
Accustasis 2000, AS 2000
CoaData 1000, CD 1000
CoaData 2000, CD 2000
CoaData 3000, CD 3000
CoaLab, Nycomatic, BFA
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Accustasis 1000, AS 1000
Accustasis 2000, AS 2000
CoaData 1000, CD 1000
CoaData 2000, CD 2000
CoaData 3000, CD 3000
CoaLab, Nycomatic, BFA
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If you have one of the above instruments and are no longer using it please contact us, we do sometimes buy units to refurbish and resell.



It is our mission to provide you with an excellent piece of test equipment and support second to none, should it be needed.

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Our products range from single channel instruments to multi channel semi- automated instruments for use in any institute from Point of Care to full clinical hemostasis lab.

Nov 2013 Update: We have a new fax number 1-866-870-3243 (more info here)

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    Pipettes:  Statline 50 ul, 100 ul and 200 ul

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Our instruments use a patented method for clot detection known as
Turbodensitometry. This patent is held by LAbor Fibrintimer. This method can be used for any of the following coagulation tests, Prothrombin,
Thrombin Time, Aptt, Fibrinogen

All instruments are capable of using MACRO or MICRO volumes to perform their determinations. Another great feature of our coagulation analyzer is that they are OPEN SYSTEMS meaning they work with virtually any manufacturers reagents. Examples such as Dade Behring, Pacific Hemostasis, Sigma Diagnostics and many others.

If you have a unique coagulation need please contact us, in many cases we have the ability to respond to your unique needs.

Information for former Sigma coagulation customers.